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BrinkTV Memphis set


The mission of BRINK! TV is to provide exposure for local entrepreneurs and artists while also offering aspiring talent networking opportunities within their chosen path. 
I created the BRINK! TV show originally as a video blog of me voicing my opinion on a variety of topics like sports, pop culture, music, black history & more.  After two months of video blogging, I found myself bored with the whole vlog concept and changed the format to celebrity tabloid video.  Although the tabloid format generated a lot of interest, as I grew older I decided to distance myself from tabloid media and gossip in order to expand my brand.  And that's when the BRINK! TV talk show formed.  The sole purpose for the BRINK! TV talk show format was to promote those in need of promotion.  With an extensive background in music, I understood the difficulty of being an artist and not getting my fair share of promotion.  This was due to media outlets overcharging or not entertaining independent artists inquiries.  The feeling was as though if you don't have a major record deal or if you don't have a major budget, then no media outlet wants to hear you or promote you.  With odds like that I felt it was necessary to fill that promotional void for indies & entrepreneurs and become the number 1 music and entertainment TV Show in the mid-south.  

Brinkley Brink Young Wilson

About Brink

Born Brinkley Wilson, Award Winning TV Personality "Brink Young" got his start at the age of 21 uploading vlogs on YouTube which became known as "Brink! TV".  7 months later, he transitioned into a television career hosting a local music video show on Public Access Cable.  After 2 years of hosting, he left to further develop BrinkTV & eventually pursue his own television venture.  Brink went on to meet & work with a plethora of stars, build brands for aspiring entertainers, & attend Major Events/Award Shows.  Brink TV has successfully been on television since Fall 2013.

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