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LightSkinKeisha Lights Up Memphis

By: Brink Young

September 25th, 2022

MEMPHIS, TN - SEPTEMBER 22ND: LightSkinKeisha Performs On Stage During The Big Bank Beisha Tour At Growlers On September 22nd, 2022 In Memphis, TN (Photo by Brink Young/BrinkTV Show)

The Big Bank Beisha Tour Invades Memphis

Atlanta Rapper/Actress LightSkinKeisha is ‘Talkin That Talk’ as the headliner of her very own tour. Following Performances in Indianapolis and Birmingham, Memphis is tonight’s stop on the Big Bank Beisha Tour. Keisha's catalog includes "Believe That" a creative spin on Juvenile's hit 1999 single "Back That Thang Up", "Spend Some Cash" a domineering female anthem, "Ride Good" a slower paced seductive tune, & "Talk That Talk" a confident bop that you could ride to. Her current single "Gimme Head" is a quick tempo ode to skating rink bass music & cunnilingus. (Google that one fellas) Outside of portraying "BruShandria Carmichael" on Starz Hit Series Power Book II: Ghost, LightSkinKeisha is well equipped as an artist to be the main attraction.

How The Night Started

The night begins with what appears to be a full parking lot at Growlers (Poplar Ave). I had been circling the venue for 10 minutes strategizing for the best possible place to park. I pulled into the service station next door, only to be immediately heckled by an ‘unofficial’ parking lot attendant. “You Can’t Park There” he exclaimed. (with the aroma of booze invading my driver’s side window) He then repeated himself. “You Can’t Park There!” I responded vehemently, “I’m Not Parking! I’m Just Looking!” I wanted to review Growlers’ parking lot, as it began to be clear that my only option was the streets. Lol Why did I wait this late to pull up?? I had a feeling LightSkinKeisha’s core fans would get there EARLY EARLY. And They Did!! After settling for street parking, I made my way into the building, being greeted by one of the promoters (Concrete Capo). Growlers seems to be a nice intimate setting for live performances. (Imagine a club version of Minglewood Hall -Madison Ave)

Opening Acts

The opening acts kicked off shortly after 9:30pm with local indie artist Prevail. Her delivery was strong and her music was straight to the point. I admired her (light up) Sho’Nuff Glasses. (If you haven’t seen Last Dragon, you wouldn’t understand). After Prevail, we saw an assortment of beautiful young women fill the stage. It was challenging to follow at first due to the song “Set The Tone” coincidentally being played while they were on stage. Briefly, we all thought the ladies on stage were indeed K-Carbon, Gloss Up, Glorilla, Slimeroni, & Aleza. In actuality, it was female emcee AR The Mermaid who immediately made herself known on the microphone. She delivered a noteworthy performance and the ladies on stage with her definitely represented well. AR The Mermaid really ‘Set The Tone’ for the night. LRoy Da Boy entered the stage next with an attention grabbing proclamation. “As long as I’m on the stage, DRINKS ON ME!” He said it a few more times throughout his performance as patrons took him up on the offer. His music was gritty & honest with some knock! (Bass) He performed songs which had features from Memphis’ own Don Trip, & Platinum Selling Rapper Jeezy which was mighty impressive. Did I forget to mention the legendary familiar face onstage with him? None other than ‘Mr. Lock em in the trunk’ himself DJ Zirk. Once Lroy’s performance ended, he reminded the audience, no more free drinks. Buying drinks was a great gesture to the audience, hate to see that tab tho…

LightSkinKeisha The Headliner

It was now time for Big Bank Beisha to make her entrance. The crowd has now swarmed the stage in anticipation. Keisha is seen outside the club checking her hair and makeup in the window's reflection. Her attire was a black leather catsuit that gave body paint vibes. (Pardon my drool) LightSkinKeisha hit the stage and the crowd erupted!! Word for word was an understatement, the women in the audience became her background vocals. Keisha was extremely thorough on stage, engaging with the fans in between songs. She also invited ladies on stage to dance and be apart of the show. LSK is one of the few stars I have seen to make eye contact with people while performing and actually acknowledge them. Keep in mind this isn’t a comedy show where comedians scour the room looking for content to joke about. This is an artist being personable with her supporters. Midway into her captivating show, we seemed to have hit a snag by way of a wardrobe malfunction. (Personally, I didn’t see it happen as I was filming with an 85mm lens framing her neck up) However an audience member spotted the fashion mishap and quickly alerted LightSkinKeisha causing her to cover up and retreat to her team. Here is where the conclusion of the show could go a couple different ways. 1. DJ announces that the show is over. 2. LSK returns with a different outfit from her sprinter van. (#2 worked for Superman). Thankfully, the Dj didn’t announce the show was over, instead he played some music as Keisha’s team worked frantically to repair her garment in order to salvage the second half of the performance. Not sure what the young man’s name is on her team but he was able to work wonders and just like that, Light Skin Keisha was back in action. “I Guess I’m a lil too thick” she said with a smile. The crowd roared in support of Keisha being a consummate professional. LSK finished up her performance in star form and afterwards, the line for the meet/greet began to assemble. The looks on the faces gathered in anticipation of meeting Keisha was priceless. Some were nervous, some were calm, some acted as if they already knew her. (Being relatable and personable are good characteristics to have as a celeb). One thing that stood out from the meet and greet was watching Light Skin Keisha ask fans their name, & requesting to see each photo. (Sometimes asking if they could take another or take one with the flash). To me that signified that she really cared about their fan experience. She was extremely genuine and I look forward to seeing her perform again. Just do what Keisha said.


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