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Queen Rising Sets The Bar For Film Production In The Bluff City

By: Brink Young

October 4th, 2022

Queen Rising (Movie) In Select Theaters Friday October 7th.

More twists and turns than the Zippin Pippin –Brink Young

Actress April Hale as "Madison" - Queen Rising Movie

Actor Xamon Glasper as "Greg" - Queen Rising Movie

Queen Rising Movie

Memphis has done it again! No I’m not referring to making national news for something negative. The Bluff City has once again produced a motion picture film that deserves critical acclaim. “Queen Rising” is a suspenseful eye-opener, with more twists and turns than the Zippin Pippin. (If you never been to Liberty Land, then you wouldn’t understand). The film features a Memphis filled cast including leading actress April Hale (A League Of Their Own-Amazon Prime), Xamon Glasper (Dear Santa, I Need A Date- TV One), & Henry Reaves (Reaves Law Firm). Queen Rising also boasts its production studio Memphis Based Emmy Award Winning Nero Studios. The movie follows Madison (Hale) a struggling school teacher who acquires a hefty book deal to help extinguish her financial woes. Greg (Glasper) encourages her to move forward by telling the story of her troubled past as a way of venting and providing content for the book. As Madison starts to recall her childhood leading up to adulthood, she tells a chilling story about a series of homicides that took place at her college. Queen Rising will take you on a ride from start to finish. Let’s talk about the screening that took place September 28th, 2022

Queen Rising Movie Screening At Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco)

Comedian Poundcake - Queen Rising Movie Screening At Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco)

Big Sue (K-97) - Queen Rising Movie Screening At Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco)

Larry Dodson Sr. (Former Lead Singer Of The Bar-Kays) - Queen Rising Movie Screening At Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco)

Henry Reaves (Reaves Law Firm) Marcus Cook (Unapologetically Memphis) - Queen Rising Movie Screening At Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco)

Henry Reaves (Reaves Law Firm) - Queen Rising Movie Screening At Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco)

The Screening

Ridgeway Cinema Grill (Malco) played host to the screening. This theater feels like a charming hideaway for a cozy movie night. Queen Rising definitely brought the city out as Henry Reaves (Reaves Law Firm), Big Sue (K-97), Larry Dodson Sr. (Former Lead Singer Of The Bar-Kays), Comedian Poundcake, Unapologetically Memphis, & many more were in attendance. Comedian Poundcake was the first person I greeted after walking into the cinema. If you haven’t seen or heard of him yet, you’re most likely to step into his live videos on Facebook really soon. Poundcake is naturally funny and gives his honest opinion on pop culture, local happenings, & more via “Step Into The Live”. (Facebook) After chatting with Comedian Poundcake, I began mingling until it was time for the screening to began. Before the film started, Henry Reaves said a few words about the film, its production, and the importance of keeping this project in house (Memphis). The Reaves Law Firm is a staple in Memphis and is the most relatable law firm to the culture. I see their billboards, commercials, and advertisements daily. Personally, it’s comforting to see someone who looks like me making a difference in Memphis. Following Mr. Reaves’ introduction, it was now time to watch Queen Rising. As the opening credits began, a few movie goer’s near me whispered their speculations about the quality of the film. “I hope this ain’t no Tubi Movie!” One of them exclaimed, as people in that section laughed in agreement. Those speculations were quickly silenced as the opening sequence came on and the film quality was undeniably superb. Throughout the movie, I became fond of lead actress April Hale. She displays a sweet and innocent demeanor in this film. I was quite pleased to hear that she is from Memphis. I was also glad to see fellow Memphian Xamon Glasper in the film. I have followed his career beyond acting, from the days of “Lil ZPG” the artist. Hale & Glasper definitely secured the chemistry bag on screen. They worked well together furthering the storyline and delivered a satisfying swerve towards the end. We also saw a strong cameo by Henry Reaves which served as the film’s anchor piece. “To the Queen Rising”


As the movie concluded, there was a unanimous standing ovation. The audience showed its authentic appreciation to Henry Reaves for producing such an amazing film. Queen Rising will be released in theaters Friday October 7th at the following Mid-south Malco Theaters: Southaven, Cordova, Paradiso, Collierville, & Stage. Let’s Support This Movie Memphis!!


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